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iStock_000002116286XSmall-300x199Glaser Law attorneys assist clients in various labor and employment matters.

Many labor and employment issues arise from discrimination and harassment at work, which both can also create hostile work environments for employees. An employment law attorney can assist with other common issues, such as wage and overtime disputes, wrongful termination, whistle blowing cases, maternity leave, violations of the Family Medical and Leave Act and employer violations. This is in addition and related to our work in assisting with other matters tied to running your business smoothly, such as business disputes, filing employment law class actions, personal injury and receiving fair workers’ compensation benefits.

Types of Cases Our Employment Law Firm Handles

Business Litigation

Our litigation attorneys can help resolve a number of business disputes, whether with customers, suppliers, contractors, employees, business partners, co-directors and shareholders. We always use our experience to achieve the most speedy and economical solution possible – most of your problems should not have to go to a court. Our business law attorneys can also prepare contracts of employment and compromise agreements with your employees to avoid future disputes on terms and conditions.

Class Actions

Filing a class action is not a choice to take lightly, but our employment class action attorneys know that sometimes it can be the best choice for groups of employees with similar employment law claims against their employers. For employers needing to defend against class action cases, our class action lawyers can help address the current issues while taking additional legal actions to mitigate future suits. We know both sides of the class action process and bring our resources, knowledge and experience to every class action lawsuit we represent.

Personal Injury

The definition of California personal injury law states that an injured party is only entitled to seek compensation if they prove someone else had a duty to protect them and that they suffered actual physical or emotional harm. There are many obstacles toward recovery in a personal injury action.

The personal injury attorneys at Glaser Law have years of experience defending personal injury cases, with a focus on personal injury claims that involve employment law issues or products liability. We have defended significant actions brought by the top plaintiffs’ firms in the State and have successfully prevailed on those claims or negotiated low settlements.

If you have been involved in an accident or owned property where an accident occurred or someone was injured using your product, it is important that you consult with an attorney. In a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, you can learn your best legal options to defend against a personal injury action that leaves you and your company intact financially.